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Physical Therapist


Physical Therapy Session



Initial consultation 

Intake and release forms must be signed prior to the session. 

Zoom consult $100: 1hour in length. We will discuss your concerns and goals, posture and breathing assessments, initial exercises to work on, discussion of follow-up treatment sessions. 

In- person initial consult $150: 1-1.5 hour in length. Discussion of your concerns and goals, visual postural and breathing assessment, special tests as needed, small treatment, home exercise program, and plan of care for further treatments.

Treatment sessions

Treatment sessions will follow the initial consultation and will be dependent upon each individual. The amount of treatment sessions needed will be determined upon the individual's overall goals.  

Everyone's story is unique and everyone requires a different amount of care, whether it be 1 visit, 10 visits, or one visit  a month. 

Treatment sessions are 1 hour in length and consist of manual (myofascial release, skin rolling, cupping, trigger point release, joint mobilizations) therapy, internal vaginal or rectal release, exercise, breathing  and stretching techniques, and review of prior sessions. 

$125/in person session

$85/video session 

15% off the total, if you book more than one treatment session at once. 

Mobile services

I am a mobile concierge service that will transport all necessary supplies to the comfort of your home. The fee for travel is included in the price per visit within a 25 minute travel time. If the travel time is more than 25 minutes than an additional fee of $20 will be added.  

Outpatient services

I  have a space at Breaking Through San Diego Physical Therapy in Oceanside, Ca. I work Mondays 9-12 at this location. This location accepts certain insurances and offers a cash pay rate as well. 

please call:760-696-3358 

2424 Vista way ste 120

Oceanside, Ca 92054

I also have a space at LoveStrong Wellness in Rancho Bernardo. I will be there Fridays from 8-1pm. Please message me or book directly on

**Internal vaginal or rectal exams are a case specific recommendation and will be at the discretion of the client with signed acknowledgement. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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