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It's time to heal.

Are you a woman struggling with leaking urine when running, jumping, or lifting weights? Do you feel weakness in your core and still feel like you look pregnant? Do you have pain and pressure in the pelvic region? These are just a few of the common complaints that I help, not only recovering mothers, but anyone who is suffering from these symptoms. 


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Our Services


Free phone consult

Free 15 minute phone consult, so you can determine if our services are right for you.


Initial consultation 

Either by video examination, if you are not local, or in person. Typically 1.5 hour in length and includes: a plan of care, home exercise program, and assessment. 



Your plan of care that you and your therapist develop together will determine your treatment sessions. Each follow-up treatment session is 1 hour in length. 


My name is Ashlee Gendron

I am a Physical Therapist who specializes in Pelvic health and Orthopedics. I help women return to what they love without leaking or pain, and feel strong while doing it! I specialize in stress urinary incontinence, because this is what I struggled with after the birth of my 2 boys. I felt lost and hopeless, and for someone who needs physical activity, was feeling very depressed that I would never be able to exercise the way I wanted to again. 

Some conditions I treat include, (but are not limited to): 6 week post-partum return to exercise, birth preparation, core strengthening, Abdominal separation (DR), urinary incontinence (leaking with sneezing/coughing/running), constipation, prolapse, painful intercourse, painful lower back, painful neck/headaches, painful SIJ and pelvic girdle. 

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I now have a space located within LoveStrong Wellness


16935 W. Bernardo Dr. Suite 140 San Diego Ca 92127

"LoveStrong Wellness," is a Women's health community in Rancho Bernardo that offers all the services and support a woman needs pre and post partum. I will be there Fridays for pelvic floor therapy if you choose to see me in clinic. 


Movement for Life

I have been a Physical Therapist since 2011. I started in orthopedic rehab, but after I became a mother I needed help getting back to a new version of myself. My doctor didn't have much to offer and I realized there were no resources for postpartum women. I began my postpartum journey dedicated to helping women return to what they love and to be confident and feel good in their new body. 


I’m Here When You Need Me

T-F: 9am-1pm

Torie, Oceanside

"I had the pleasure of working with Ashlee when I was 8.5 months pregnant and struggling with a lower back injury. From the moment I met her, Ashlee's warmth, professionalism, and expertise were evident. She not only helped me heal my injury, but also took the time to educate me on how to strengthen my pelvic floor in preparation for child birth.
However, what sets Ashlee apart is the level of care and attention she gives to her patients. As a first-time mother-to-be, Ashlee shared a wealth of information with me in regards to child birth, post partum healing, and parenting tips! 
I always felt like I could talk to Ashlee openly and honestly about any concerns or questions I had. She was a great listener who provided thoughtful and practical advice that helped me heal faster and prevent future injuries. She was flexible with scheduling and always showed up on time. 
Overall, I can't recommend Ashlee highly enough. She is an exceptional physical therapist who truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to help them achieve their health and wellness goals."

Emily, Fallbrook 

"Ashlee has been such a life saver! After about a year after my son was born, I started getting regular and unexplained pain near my c-section scar that had healed just fine after surgery. My doctors could not give me any answers or real tools to manage the pain after many visits and tests. A trusted friend recommended Ashlee to me and I'm so glad I connected with her. 
Ashlee is professional, knowledgeable, and SO kind! She listened to me, educated me, and asked thoughtful questions each time we met. She did her own research and checked in on me in between our sessions. She worked with me and gave me tools to help me get stronger and both prevent and manage my pain. I'm so grateful to Ashlee and will recommend her to all of my post partum friends and family!"
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